Genetic Disorders

The best project was the study and comparison of genetic disorders. The purpose of the project was to better understand how genetics influences our physical and biochemical identity.  Our group decided to compare adult and pediatric glaucoma.

Below is a summary of how SLA's core values relate to the project.

  • Inquiry: We wanter to know more about different types of glaucoma. We also wanted to know what it's like to have glaucoma and treatments.
  • Research:  We used official medical sites, articles and got help from a  professional in pediatric glaucoma.
  • Collaboration: I got the best help from every single person in the team. We had an opportunity to participate and share what I know and learn new things.  We found a way to have fun while doing the work we were supposed to do.
  • Presentation: Presentation was good.  We used a slideshow to explain and compare how pediatric and adult glaucoma. 
  • Reflection: If I’d do the project again, I’d probably use more pictures and go into more details, because glaucoma is a very deep topic.
Below is the project slideshow and the link is HERE.

Q1 Glaucoma BM Presentation (Table 1)