Georjelis Rujano Capstone "Believe In Hope When There's No Hope"

The question is “How to start a nonprofit?” Not just that but also know the information about what’s happening in Venezuela. These two main topics of inquiry are based on how to go forward with helping the Venezuelan community. As a native, I had the first-hand experience of what’s going on in Venezuela. So coming to the United States I investigated more the backbone of these issues causing a humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. But as I got into the nonprofit world I saw the possibilities of helping not only in Venezuela but in other places around the world. It starts with establishing a mission, goals, and persistence for the nonprofit. I have the primary vision for my nonprofit while I have the research. Now, having done intensive research, many hours planning for fundraisers and networking, I’ve had a budgeting system that I will present to donors. This budget will present based on research for fundraising also evidence for the 990 forms. As for the changes in social distancing, I will be working on professional cards, websites for the non-profit, and merchandise to sell. Since 2018 I’ve been keeping records of fundraisers and the collection of ideas. Now in 2020, I’ve gathered much information about nonprofit development but also receipts of fundraising in school and other events. I’ve also been able to network in Rebel Venture’s Expo and also at an Enterprise. Maintaining a steady place to fundraise but also expand to different environments where I’ll be placing the La Luz De Aurora nonprofit flourish. I want to be able to have a better way to market and have a diverse taste of food in fundraisers.

Process Paper - Georjelis 20'
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