Girls Soccer Beats School of the Future!

[Story by Lotus Shareef-Trudeau]
On Wednesday, September 27, the Girls Soccer team faced the School of the Future in the Far Northeast. The official called for a shorter game because of the stifling heat, shortening the halves to 30 minutes each, this encouraged SLA to push hard at the start of the game to take advantage of the shorter game. The strategy paid off for SLA, with three goals scored in the first 15 minutes of play.

The first goal was scored by Amelia Benamara assisted by a beautiful pass from Emma Schwingel-Sauer. The second and third goals were scored by Lotus Shareef-Trudeau, taking advantage of rebounds off of the opposing goalie.

The School of the Future scored once during the beginning of the second half of the game, but the girls clamped down on defense and were able to keep anymore shots from getting in the goal. The remainder of the game was a very even match, with a lot of close calls on either side of the field. The game ended with SLA 3-1. Keep up the good work girls!