Girls Volleyball Beats Fels

Congratulations to SLA's Girls volley ball team for winning 3-0 games against Samuel Fels High School last Thursday! This is the first year the girls are playing in the gold division and they are holding their own! Junior Klarissa Hudson started off the game tough by scoring 11 points in a row before receiving a serve from Fels. Junior and co-captain Leah Petty lead the team through the second game by scoring six consecutive points, and maneuvering some amazing blocks. The girls played tough and showed great teamwork, just as sophomore Malwina Dymek scored the game point in the last game giving SLA its third win this season. Coach Hirschfield and the team have been practicing hard this season and their efforts are paying off.

The Rockets have three more games left in the season, taking on George Washington HS on Tuesday, Bodine on Thursday, before playing their last game of the season against Lincoln High next Monday. Go Rockets!

by Jasmin Hussain
photo (2)
photo (2)