Give Me Strength

I am   



       Straight Forward

No matter what, everyone in the world has strengths and weaknesses; things they do good and things they do...not so good. We tend to find these strengths and weaknesses through life experiences over time and when we receive feedback on the things we’ve done. But, if you’re an SLA DigVid student, you find them through taking a personality test. After taking the personality test, we were split into groups according to personality type (mine being INTP) and told to discuss our findings and pick out our favorite strengths about ourselves. These were the results:

Originally Imaginative

One of the strengths I received was “Imaginative and Original”, which means that someone like me always has original and innovative ideas because our imaginations are always going one thousand miles per hour. This is a key trait to have when in creative spaces and tends to help us most when we are given complete artistic freedom on a task. As I read the description for this trait, I thought back to the many projects I’ve done for school over the years and can totally attest to letting my imagination run wild with all the possibilities of what I could do to knock my teacher’s socks off. I can also say that with the older I got, the more intricate my creations became due to my expanding knowledge of the world and my heightened attention to detail.

A Lost Art

Another one of the strengths I got was “Objective”. Being objective means listening to and stating facts in an unbiased and fair manner. Objectivity usually leads to one being more open-minded--also one of my strengths according to my test results--because situations can be viewed from, and solved with, multiple view points in mind to establish the best conclusion for all people involved. I feel that, in today’s climate, the idea of being objective and open-minded has gotten away from so many of the world’s people. It hurts to see because if only we knew how much better we could be if we decided to open ourselves to ideas opposite our own.

Straight Talk No Chaser

The final strength I decided to report on is “Honest and Straightforward”. This is basically telling it like it is and calling it how we see it. Sometimes people with my personality type can be honest to a fault because we accidentally hurt people’s feelings without even realizing it. However, us being straightforward is never done with malicious intent, we just believe that honesty is always the best policy.

I know that these strengths of mine will have a great influence on my performance in DigVid throughout the year. When combined, they will help me collaborate, create, and give honest feedback to not only my peers but also to myself so that we can be the best filmmakers possible. These traits will help me gain a perspective like no other through the experiences in this course and further who I am across all aspects of my life.

Written By: Londyn Edwards