Globalzation and Philadelphia connection

What I found challenging about this project was trying to find the right pictures to relate to globalization and having to explain it.  2 of the images that I found in my project wasn’t straight forward of how it related to globalization so I had to use the knowledge or information from what I know which was challenging.   The two images were a security camera and the Philabundance hunger relief center.


When going about or collecting the images I was trying to find things that was relevant and had a strong history relating back to globalization.  I just didn’t want to go use any random pictures. As previously stated I was just trying to find things that were relevant and showed a lot of history. 


            I really don’t have a favorite image.  Looking back it is really challenging to choose because each of these images represent something different and unique about each one.    With the images representing something and teaching something new about the history it is difficult to choose a favorite image.  



I would say Philadelphia is really prevalent is the evidence of globalization. Philadelphia is very diverse city.   Other Cities along with Philadelphia is very diverse.  People from other countries are sometimes forced to leave their countries to go find opportunities. In finding the opportunities people go to the US and spread out within every state. 



What I learned was that I had to remain patient with trying and figuring out what images I had to use and gather.  Once I was able to stay patient and calm with things I was able to get through things.   I’ve really learned that it takes many websites to find the best information about each of the images and that how some things are not straightforward.