Glowing And Growing: Changing Domestic Violence One Nail at a Time

For my research, I found many reliable sources which gave me guidance during this project. I found numerous statistics and images, yet the only thing I wish I could have included are real life incidents. This is incredibly challenging to find, seeing as not many people are comfortable or in a safe enough environment to speak out about their personal experiences. I feel like it would have added another level of depth and feeling when thinking about domestic violence. I want to know more about how people get away with abusing and how they initiate the violence.

For my original research, I got to talk to a representative from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence(NCADV). It was so amazing to talk to someone who’s job was centered around ending domestic abuse and I gained a lot of knowledge after speaking with them. I would have contacted them sooner though, because I got no luck at any other organization and would have reached out to the NCADV first!

My agent of change achieved my goal somewhat, but my hashtag I created didn’t get as many responses as I would have liked, but many people did paint their nails and drew X’s on their fingers. I’m not sure if it really had a value to everyone, because it was supposed to raise awareness and spark an interest in the participants to learn more about domestic violence. As I have stated in the past, education and speaking out about this sort of “hidden” issue is what will help us to come together and try and stop allowing this violence to continue in our communities. I hope it actually did accomplish raising awareness and proved to be more than just nail polish, and proved to make a difference, one coat at a time.