Glows and Grow: Goodbye

While researching poverty for this project, I encountered many glows and grows. Some glows are my discovery of many organizations that battle poverty. Since poverty is the cause of hunger, many organizations are aware of this issue and are trying to help. Though, for my research, some grows are I wanted to find more about people affected by poverty so that I could involve them in my original research. I believe that if I had added that information, more people will be interested in the topic of poverty. A question that was left unanswered and I am still wondering about is why were parents not as effective as much as children.

Some challenges I experienced during my original research was finding an organization that would allow me to interview them. It was something that I could not do since no one wrote back to me. So I was left to do a survey. I actually found some shocking information. For example, many people knew that poverty is an issue but they didn’t know that poverty affects mostly children. If I can do this over again, I would continue to reach out to organizations and if that is not possible, I could get better questions on my blog post 2 so that it would answer my point.

As for my Agent of Change, I expected more from students. I hoped for more people to bring in cans but only a few brought cans in. My plan was to donate about 100 cans but I was only able to collect around 20. Even though some didn’t bring in cans, I believe that more people are aware of this issue. Currently, I am still trying to get even more cans so I will be able to donate them to Chosen 300. I am still glad that I did this topic because I believe that by focusing on this topic, I was able to help make a change and bring more awareness to some who are not aware.