Glows and Grows: Online Version

The You and the World project this quarter left me with mixed feelings. I want to first start off with going over the research. Overall research was easy, but I wish I could’ve found more convincing material for youth instead of parents. I really would like to know more on the process of after a serious case happens with Online Predators. I think this would've been even more informing and could teach more individuals. 

As in terms of original research, I created a survey for students. I did this to find out how much our students actually know about Online predators. Most people in fact did not know the first signs. So this means children are being taught what the most noticeable signs are, but not necessarily the first red flags. If I could change this, I would probably do a field observation. I could make an account on a social media with a random name and friend people and see how much people friend me back without realizing who I really am. I think this idea was really cool and interesting, but I had no time to switch gears to that. 

I think the Agent of Change part was definitely an adventure for me. From having no idea what to do, to making a great presentation, to scheduling presentation dates, rescheduling. Overall it was challenging, but still felt like I made a difference, no matter how small. What I did was give a presentation that informed the youth of our class to stay safe on the internet. After all one person saved is another gained to spread the word. If I could’ve done this again, I would definitely done something a little more big. Maybe a presentation at a middle school or at TFI. As in terms of the project itself, I think we should be given more time to make an even bigger difference than what we did or wanted.