Gnop. Ping Pong Ad By Anwar Abdul-Qawi, and TJ Nicolella

Check out this amazing video made by us. A big shout out to Ali Ahmed, Tim Mamrol, Ian Mclendon, Blase Biello, Warda Abuli, and William Marsh. Watch an Enjoy

This video was supposed to impact mostly ping pong players, and for them to feel attached to it. Also this video has been made so that people who may not have an interest in ping pong, by the way the video is set up, it is made to keep them attached and looking for more. Also we felt as though this video did not require dialogue, because we feel as though it takes away from the full effect of the video. We have learned alot from this BM, it has gotten us back into the mood of creativity, and helped get back on track with film, and editing.  

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Matthew Scuderi (Student 2012)
Matthew Scuderi

I loved this commercial! I liked the fact that it was made to be like a secret society playing ping pong as ping pong is not exactly that popular. This advertisement would be great for a sports channel or during a commercial break of a movie being aired. Angles, black and white, and shadows were very effective in delivering the message you two wanted. I would have liked some heavy metal or something to get you pumped as music and if everyone could have been kind of hooded to look more mysterious and dark, I think that may have added to the commercial. Great ad guys!