go away

Wilson Biggs

*walks into view*

*cups ear as if listening* *looks at watch* Is it really time to go to school? Whatever. I’m not gonna go today. Not because I don't like school, but because I don't really care about school. I have no reason to. The only thing that’s accomplished at all is getting a day closer to college. To spending forty thousand dollars to get a part time job at Taco Bell. Stressing out to the point of breaking down, which happens at least once a week, isn’t worth that. I’d only go to college get a job anyway, which I’d only do to try and survive while I actually do something I enjoy. It’s not worth it. I want to be creative, not serve Doritos Tacos to people in a train station. That’s definitely not something I aspire to do. *sigh*

There’s really no point in thinking about this, anyway. I'd rather just lay face-down in bed and do nothing. You know what? I think I will. And after I do that for a long time, maybe I'll stare at the wall. I don't care enough to be bored by it. Or maybe I’ll sit at my computer and do nothing productive for a while. That sounds okay. I’ll do that for a bit, actually.

*on computer* Heh. A picture of Tom Hiddleston saying something vaguely philosophical. Reblog. A gifset of a TV show I haven’t seen since 2004. Like. What does that say? “wow. such doge.” Reblog. Oh look, someone’s pizza man started singing to another pizza man or something. I don’t know. Like. *humming pompeii*

Well, great. My mom's yelling at me to come downstairs and go to school. *yelling down* No. Because there’s no point. I’m really tired. I don’t want to go. Everyone there hates me. Leave me alone. I don’t care about school. I don’t care about anything anymore. *stops*

Eh, whatever. I'll just go shut and lock the door. Put headphones on. Listen to some loud music. Go back to sleep. That sounds pretty good. I don’t really care if I get in trouble. It’s not like that would be the worst problem in my life anyway. *sigh* I’ll set my alarm for 3pm. I need the sleep anyway. I was up until two in the morning studying for a test about some stupid equations that I’ll never use anyway. Whatever. Sleep. Yeah.

*walks out of view*