Goldie Robins (Food Benchmark)


Food Item:

Pasta Salad




1 lb. (pound)

Pasta (By preference)

1 Stalk



Red Onion

8 oz 

Grape Tomatoes

12 oz 

Roasted Peppers

As much as you would like

Sharp Provolone (Recommended, but not needed) 

What you will need:

All the ingredients

1 Big sized pot

1 Medium sized pot

1 Big Bowl


1. Gather all the ingredients and have them out. 

2. Boil two pots of water. One big pot for the pasta and one medium pot for the broccoli. 

3. When the big pot comes to a boil put the pasta in and continue to stir occasionally.

4. When the medium pot comes to a boil put the broccoli in and continue to stir occasionally.

5. While the water is boiling cut the tomatoes, cheese and roasted peppers into bite sized pieces. 

6. When all the ingredients are cut put them into a big bowl. 

7. Chop up the whole red onion and a little bit of garlic and add them to the bowl. 

8. Once all the ingredients are cooked and cut stir them all together into the bowl.

9. Add oil and vinegar salt and pepper to the mix. The amount is up to you. 

10. Then enjoy! :)


The ingredients in the pasta salad were all bought from the grocery store. All of the items were technically processed, yet still healthy. All the vegetables we bought, which meant they were processed because of everything they went through to get to the store, but it is still healthy. The cheese and pasta although not bad for you were processed. There are a lot of carbohydrates in pasta, which is okay on occasion but not excessively. Eating pasta everyday is not healthy or good for you. The pasta salad itself would not be healthy eating everyday because of the excessive amount of pasta and ingredients like olive oil. Yet, some of the ingredients that are in the pasta salad are okay. Broccoli, depending on how it is made on how it is prepared is fine eating everyday. Though roasted peppers, grape tomatoes, onions, and cheese are really tasty and okay to eat in moderation, these are items that should not be consumed on a daily basis. Cheese is very high in calories, so it would not be a good modification to one’s diet. All of the food was was made and processed in the United States. None of the products are made out side of the country, which means that none of the food was imported. None of our food items were grown organically. Because all of the food is processed there are fuels that take part in the getting to the store, which tends to make it not environmentally friendly. Buying all the products came to a total of $20.00. With serving about 10 people, makes the cost per person about $2.00. This is a lot cheaper then fast food and it happens to be a lot healthier. (Still can’t eat it everyday) No items were grown ourselves, all were purchased at the store. So although it is not that environmentally friendly or healthy it still better than most foods.  


Looking back at this unit, I have actually learned a lot. Since I keep Kosher, I was never really aware or open to Non-Kosher food items. I know my facts and information (for the most part) about Kosher foods and what that means and what I do and do not eat but I never really knew about all this other information. I learned a lot more about organic food, and what that really means. My parents never really buy organic, they just try to be healthy. It has been interesting to actually see facts and statistics about the leading causes of death in the United States and how a lot of it can revolve around the food we eat on a daily basis. I have watched Food Inc and Super Size Me before so I was already informed about mass production of food, the meat and how large companies receive it, and the workers. Yet, just because I have already watched it I was still able to learn a lot more with our class discussions and the different perspectives other people brought to class. Now, being much more informed with a larger variety of food I believe it will help me and other I know. There are way too many problems with false labeling, or the rules to label certain products one thing or another. I know I will be on the look out on what I am actually  consuming based on the labels and what they say. I will, of course stay keeping Kosher, especially after watching Food Inc for too many times. I am willing to be more careful on what I buy, and to really make sure I am more aware of the ingredients and what goes in to making the product I am going to buy. Especially with what I ma buying, because staying healthy is something I would like to do, to live a long and happy life! 

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 1.12.48 PM
Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 1.12.48 PM