Government and Budget Crisis

The government are now heading through a midlife crisis that is affecting all american's in the most harmful ways and affecting there citizen's lives and money. This is a hard time for people that are suffering because they do not have enough money to pay for things such as houses because prices have gone up, Gas for cars because they have to pay more and more to iraq in order to use and take oil from them and deport it over to the U.S for us too use.

My issue is the economy and how it is affecting the people in the U.S very badly, i am interested in this topic because it is the #1 story going on in the U.S, everyday you hear people say that the gasoline prices have gone up $0.11 and continues to go up, but that is not the only story out. There are stories that the U.S might have to cut off sports in the U.S because of the budget so that means that come 2012 me might no longer have any sports to watch, and that would mean that the men and women playing the sports will have no job and will go into debt with there houses and bills. 

I have discovered that this has been the first time the economy has gone bad since the year of the Great Depression in 1930, and not only the economy is affecting the U.S but it is also affecting people around the world such as in China, Mexico, Etc. 

I wonder what things the government are attempting or planning to change and do in order to try and make the economy better than it is, and if there is any ways possible to improve the economy. I also wonder why don't the government help the people in poverty and help them get jobs and homes to live in. My next move is to find out percentages and the amount of people in poverty from one year and how it has changed during a time period, if it has increased or decreased after a long time period.