Gracias, con perdn, Por favor (Thanks, excuse me, please)

Okay have you ever bump into somebody walking to the hallway? and you accidentally knocked there books out their hand?

Imagine you doing that to somebody who only speaks spanish. You want to say excuse me but they had no clue about what your saying.

Here are some ways to say Thank you, excuse me and please.

Thank You's



Muchas gracias

Thanks a lot

Mil gracias

Thank a million

Your welcome

De nada

You’re welcome

Por nada

You’re welcome

No hay de qué

You’re welcome

When you want to say please. You simply just say Por favor . How easy is that?

Excuse Me

Con permiso. (Someone’s in your way)

Excuse me

Disculpe. (Get attention)

Excuse me

Perdón. (When you bump into somebody accidentally)

Excuse me

All of these are good ways to some thing if you want to reply nicely to someone who speaks spanish.

You're walking down the hallway and someone knocks your book out of your hand. You ask someone else to pick it up and then you thank them.