Greed Will Be Your Downfall-Creative Portion Zoe Schwingel-Sauer

This project was the creative extension of my quote analysis of Lady Macbeth; 

In the beginning of the book Lady Macbeth is a greedy and manipulative character, however after Duncan is killed, guilt eats away at her heart as she becomes fragile and depressed. This project shows that greed is the downfall of Lady Macbeth.

My process during this portion of the project was all about using the art supplies and the utilities available to me. I started with painting my hands red and the stamping "bloody" handprints across the poster board as my background. I then took five separate pieces of blank paper and for each paper I had a quote that was the inspiration for it. For every piece of paper I did a collage of pictures that showed Lady Macbeth's personality and mindset at the time. 

One difficulty I encountered during this project was deciding what to put on each piece of paper that related to the quotes. Lady Macbeth is very complex and for most collages I couldn't just put one picture in it. I found it somewhat difficult to decide what exact items to draw or paint onto the paper. In the end I decided to put what I felt most represented Lady Macbeth and look at some of the interactions with Macbeth.

On this project I am most proud of my final product, and more specifically my collages that relate to each quote. I spent a long time on each collage deciding what exactly to put into it, and then executing it. I really enjoy painting, but to me I have to be really precise to be happy with my work, so it took me awhile to get it how I like, but I am really proud of my end product. 

If I had the chance to redo my project, I think the only thing I would change is get a bigger poster board so I could have bigger collages to show more aspects of Lady Macbeth given the certain quote. I say this because since Lady Macbeth has so much depth to her character it would've been nice to include a little more. 

I didn't get to see a lot of my colleagues' presentations, but from the ones I did see I learned that there are many ways you can interpret the quotes and put it into your own creative project. Everyone's projects reflected who they were in a certain way by showing what creative art form they used. I also saw the transition much clearer from different points of views. 

I learned that when I do creative projects I really like to combine multiple art forms to get (in my opinion) a better end piece. I didn't just use paint, I used paint, pastels, magazine clippings, my hands, and pencils. I also learned that I don't just like to give the "big picture" of a quote, I also like to show the little things that give the character more depth.