Greetings: SLUDOS




  How are you? :  ¿Que tal? 

If you are speaking to an adult/stranger, if you want to speak to someone with respect, or speak proper you would say : ¿Como está? (Ud)  You will use Ud to speak formal.

If you are talking to a friend, or someone that you wouldn't want/have to speak with respect to you would say : ¿Como estás? (Tú) You will use Tú to speak informal.


Hi-Hello: Hola.

Bye-Goodbye: Adiós


Possible answers to that question would be -

Awful: Mal. / Terrible

Alright: Más o menos.


When asking a question is espanól you put a question mark in both the beginning and end of the question. The question mark in the beginning is upside down like so ¿


 (very) Well, thanks : (muy) Bien, gracias. Then you will have the option of adding on to your response - and you? :¿Ytú?  or ¿Y Usted? Like mentioned before, it all depends on who you are speaking to if you are to use tú or Usted.


This could be applied in a real life situation this could come in handy. Say if your coming to a new school and don’t know anybody, so you introduce your self to new people. Then you make new FRIENDS!

Created by Jamie Murphy & Jalisa Smith