Griffin Gallagher Capstone

​For my capstone, I tasked myself with creating a self sustaining fish tank. I wanted to learn about aquatic ecosystems. For my final product, I created a website that explains how I made my tank, and the steps for you to make your very own “Forget Me Tank.” I decided to call my project the forget me tank because once you set it up, you can essentially “forget” about it. You do not need to clean it or add food to the tank, that all happens naturally through the organisms that live in it. In the beginning I got a little frustrated because I could not get my tank to survive. After a few more attempts I finally got my tank to last, and it's still surviving today. I have not had to do anything to the tank for over two months. If I were to redo this project, I would purchase a larger tank, so I could experiment with a more diverse ecosystem. My capstone taught me a lot about what goes on under water. It means a lot to me to learn about this because I would like to study marine biology in college. I believe that this project gave me an opportunity to further my love and knowledge for marine life and environments.