Guatemala (Sprague-Lott, Hooks- Gibbs)

Comments (8)

Byshera Moore-Williams (Student 2014)
Byshera Moore-Williams
  1. the pictures you chose where nice.
  2. the colors where nice
  3. there was i really nice tittle page 4.there was a change in the over all like bout it was nice
  4. that you tried to photo shop

1.and the photo shop could have been a little better. 2.the text was small

Dalena Bui (Student 2014)
Dalena Bui

I like how you incorporated yourself in the images of your trip. Your presentation ad a lot of personality.

You could of slowed down the slide i little bit so people could read it and make the text bigger so people could read it. Overall good job!

Kennedy Coverdale (Student 2015)
Kennedy Coverdale

I liked how you put yourselves into the pictures. I also liked how colorful it is. The pictures added a nice touch.

The font should have been legible and bigger. Also, slow down the slides.

Daniel Tuveson (Student 2014)
Daniel Tuveson

All of the photos were really good. It was funny how you photoshopped yourselves into the places. There were thorough descriptions of the places to the side. The slides were well designed. You had everything you were supposed to. you could have made the transition between slides slower, I didn't have time to read anything. It didn't really seem like there was a closing slide.