Guns For Hands

You picked me out of many others from a hunting store. “Finally” I thought, “I finally get to be used!”

I know many people don’t approve of hunting, but, you know, that’s kind of what I’m made for. The person who sold me said I’m a great shot, and fairly easy to use. That’s true, I’ll get your job done quick and easy. But, I haven’t been used yet, I’ve just been sitting on your mantel for weeks. Your house is empty. Just a table, a couch, and a TV that plays nonstop. Your fridge is also kind of pathetic, barely any meat. I bet if you used me soon, your fridge could be filled. But, I don’t see any hunting gear, or anything that could be even close to hunting gear.. Maybe you’re just looking for the right equipment.  

I know you’re just preparing yourself. Hunting is a big deal, the dude who sold me would talk about how awesome it is all the time. And how much you need to prepare yourself to hunt. I know it will be so much fun. But now I feel like you’re not gonna use me at all. I have hope though. While you’re away at work, I look around. I noticed how you have a picture of a really pretty women on your coffee table. I think that could be your wife, or sister. But mostly wife since I see a wedding ring on your hand. I haven’t seen her around though. I wonder where she could be.

You came home empty handed once again, but you had a scowl on your face. You started to pace in front of me. Yelling obscenities. How could someone think of such hurtful things. Such harmful things. You said you wanted to hurt someone. You said you were finally at your breaking point. But, no one should want to hurt someone, the way you want to.

It’s late at night, and you’ve been staring at me for hours. You still have the same look on your face as you did when you walked in earlier. You’re getting up, and you’re coming towards me. Am I finally being used? Are we finally getting to go hunting?

You threw me in your car, and we’ve been driving quite some time. You keep muttering things about how much you want to hurt some girl named Carly. You stop the car, and take me with you. We are somewhere deep inside of a city… So I’m guessing we aren’t going hunting?

You barged through someones house without knocking. You start yelling the girls name “Carly! Carly!” Then I see her there. She’s the girl from the picture. She’s crying. You’re screaming. She’s yelling back. You keep asking her why did she leave you, and why did she find someone else. She stays silent yet you keep yelling at her for answers.

Then there’s silence. You pick me up and aim me at her. Don’t do this. Your hands are shaking… Please don’t do this.  You pull back my safety. You’re better than this. You start to mutter a countdown. You could walk away right now and all of this could be over. “3…” She is standing still and crying. “2…” Please don’t make me do this. “1…” I’m begging you, please don’t make me the cause of this.


She’s down. You’re shaking and her blood is on the both of our hands