Haisha Hahsy Capstone

One year has been granted to care, interest, and curiosity during 2017. My capstone gave me a chance to go out into the world and do something that I truly care about. I created the HHH organization, each month a person that is in need of medical aid that does not have the financial stability to pay for their healthcare is chosen and is fully covered for their medications, doctor visits, and even in some cases their needed operations. As each month passed, one more person got supported. I created a connection with a prominent pharmacist in Afghanistan Atiqullah Dur Mohmmad, who works at a hospital pharmacy. He helps me pick the person we will be supporting by also talking to Dr. Aziz one of the hospital’s managers, we look at the person’s background what they need, how much money we got, and how much money we can get.  This process has taught me that there are many people all over the world that are in true need of help. Where a small cut turns into an infection and leads to cutting off a body part, and even in some cases it can lead to life threatening situation. While one person a month may not seem like a lot, little by little it will add up.