Hanna Dunakin Capstone

As a CTE student my goal was to create a capstone that future CTE students could use, but also something that could involve the SLA community as a whole. Many students throughout the years I’ve been a CTE student have come up to me and asked if I could do a photoshoot for them, or a promo video, and sometimes I was just asked for guidance through Adobe Photoshop or Premiere. As much as I appreciated being asked and given so much trust for doing these things, I felt pressured because I was asked last minute, or just asked by so many people at a time. Not only that, but this was done on my free time, and never counted for my needed CTE hours. This capstone was created based on that struggle. 

I created a website called CTE Next Door, which allows students to contact any CTE student for help concerning photography and/or video. A CTE student will not only help the other student, but the work that they do will count towards their hours, they’ll get extra practice, and not to mention, they’ll do it completely for free. For example, if you want pictures for a yearbook page, use CTE Next Door to contact a CTE student, they’ll reach out and see what you exactly want, and they’ll do it, just like that, at no charge. I’ve been working on this all year, fixing the glitches and mistakes, and I’ve finally created something that I’m very proud of and excited to share with the SLA community. Hopefully CTE Next Door will go beyond the SLA doors, but for now, it is strictly used for contact between SLA students and faculty.