Happy and Healthy

In my previous post, I explained why obesity is an issue that more people should care about. It can have fatal effects on your health and it disproportionately affects POC, lower class people, and people with less education. After researching the ways that others are helping to fight against obesity, I noticed that there weren’t many people with social media accounts related to the issue. However, I’ve found that there are organizations such as https://www.obesity.org/ that are focused on obesity research. They accept donations, so I’ve included a link to their website in my linktree. This brings me to what I did to be an agent of change!

I created an Instagram account to help educate people about obesity, encourage people to drink water, make healthy meals and snacks, participate in healthy challenges, and learn ways to relax and de-stress. Some of my posts include reminders to drink water, so I researched the benefits of doing so in order to make sure I had my facts straight. Giving people a reason to do something is always better than just telling them to do it! I’ve been designing my posts using PicsArt, an artsy app. It’s very easy to navigate and there’s so much I can do with it! My goal is to have my posts look simple and professional while also being colorful and fun. As stated earlier, I also make a linktree with links to places to donate, a relaxing music playlist, and any information mentioned in my posts. Although I tried putting it in my bio, Instagram is currently not letting me edit my profile! This has happened before and it usually works after a day or so.

Making my profile picture in the PicsArt app!

Creating a custom color in the PicsArt app for the background of a post!

So far, my experience with the account has been positive. I sent an email to everyone in my stream to gain followers and my first post did well! I plan on starting a week-long challenge this coming Monday, but I’ll have more posts up before then! In addition, I’ve been keeping an eye out for healthy snacks to post about, especially snacks that are healthy alternatives to unhealthy foods. For example, I recently posted a recipe for frozen grapes with lime juice as a healthy alternative to sour patch candy!

My account’s profile before sending the stream email

My account’s profile after sending the stream email

Overall, I love how my project is turning out. I think the ideas are there, but I wish I’d started posting earlier. I learned that orange stream is really supportive of everyone’s ideas and projects! I think we all pushed each other to create great projects and everyone was ready and willing to help their classmates out. There is still more work to be done for my Instagram account to be successful and I think I can really make a change if I continue to post! Please check out my account @fight__against_obesity if you haven’t already!

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