Hector Sanchez Capstone


Intro: For my senior capstone project, I wanted to make a website that talks about how the Coronavirus pandemic has affected the way students learn. In this website, I included my personal experiences with getting adjusted to the change in learning, as well as my struggle with procrastination/productivity. I also included different ways that students’ learning and mental health has been impacted during this time and ways we can provide support for them when things eventually start to open back up again. I wanted this website to be some sort of time capsule into the crazy times that we are living in today while also trying to support students by providing them with resources/ideas to help them during this difficult time.

Annotated bibliography Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mOFvdQMSo5m8CCCv0xUTmuiVfUH6T0QeneXB7qFchJY/edit?usp=sharing