Helayna Hoffman Capstone

For my capstone I was originally going to create a club during school hours for whoever was interested in learning some hiking and camping skills. I was planning on designing flyers to hang up around the school to advertise my club. When the virus hit I had to adjust to the circumstances. I sent out zoom invites to those who had shown interest in the club before school closed. Not everyone was able to log in everytime but I was also able to reach out to people outside my school. In the span of two weeks I was able to host 4 meetings with my friends that were available at the time set. I learned that it is extremely important to be well organized and always have a plan before presenting. Before each meeting I would write down some questions I thought would be asked and answer them so that I was more prepared. I had a lot of fun with these few meetings and being able to teach my peers about something that I am passionate about was amazing. I hope to put these new skills to the test with my club and go on a hiking trip once it is possible.