Haisha Hahsy              E Band

Gold Stream


Doing as you command.

I run to you as soon as you call but there are so many people pulling me towards them self, I am trying to get you all in a orderly manner just be patient. I know how sometimes I can get slow but so many people calling me up and down, I am just exhausted. You think I am just a machine that runs up and down for you but there is more to me than you think.  Instead of complaining of how slow I am why don't you just take some hardship on yourself; and make effort on your own instead of always walking up to me and commanding without a thank you or please?

In my life I see the same people over and over again. I see all kinds of people short, small, tiny, big, wide, and skinny. I have seen it all. But I have also seen sweet, mean, mad, sad, happy, and all types of people.  Oh, here comes Bob on the 3rd floor always so happy and nice with his great family and little 2 years old girl named Vicki. I think her birthday is next month around the 20th because I heard him making some calls about a birthday party plan for 3 year old. Of course here comes Mary coming from the 5th floor I heard that she is about to get fired for some odd reason.  No wonder these days she has been so gloomy but her wedding is coming up around spring. Then, John from the 8th floor always so mad I guess being a boss is hard but that doesn’t mean you have to be so ugly about it. He is thinking about making another office building I saw him with a couple of contractors;  you could even see the contractors hate him.  He always has some type of cigar in his hand or a cigarette in his ear day to day.  He also gained some weight over the last 2 weeks he used to be slim as a stick now he got some meat.        

Here comes my favorite girl Anna she is so sweet and cute, around 25 years old. She has a stupid boyfriend Nath that cheats on her without her even knowing. He came in here the other day kissing Kayla on her lips and both of them seeming fine doing such. Kayla is such a bad girl, I hate how she jumps from one person to another. I just wish I could help Anna, I mean she is so patient and nice like always greeting who ever is near her. I mean there are so many people I want to help especially my buddies but I can’t do anything, but get them from one place to another as fast as I can. Sometimes I try to go faster with the right type of music on; and then closing doors faster for people who need some space. There so many other friends of mine that I want to help but can’t do anything because I’m helpless to them; like Katy and her sick grandmother, Fred with his divorcing wife, and Karen with her failing son.

Then of course there are people just commanding me people making me run up and down on my last string. I try my best to get there fast as I can,  then of course some people keep on pushing my buttons. Of course I can’t do anything about anything.  That doesn't mean that I don't get mad. After all I can only go one pace at a time it’s not like the more you keep pushing the faster I am going to go. I am always going to go at the same pace.  I am only on a cable running up and down for everyone. I never hear a thank you but your smilies are my pay check.