Here Here Podcast #3

Authors: Lucas Capitolo, Fionn Hyland, Michaela Berger


Summary: In the final episode of our podcast, we discuss author Tommy Orange’s intentions with writing “There There.” We look at the events at the end of the book and tie that into the real-world issues and why Orange may have written what he did. We hope you have enjoyed listening to our podcast the past few weeks!

Comments (3)

Abel Solomon (Student 2021)
Abel Solomon

The podcast was very insightful. The supporting detail/context provided during the conversation was able to bridge the gap in knowledge (because I haven't read the book). I also liked how you also discussed the author and what he was trying to achieve.

Isabella Torres (Student 2021)
Isabella Torres

This was a great podcast! I learned a lot about Native American culture and how they are still discriminated against in today’s world. I have never read There There, but the context you guys gave was easy to follow along and understand! I really appreciated the free flow discussion but you guys also kept a structure at the same time. It sounded very natural. Shoutout to Lucas, I thought he gave a lot of great info throughout the episode! Good job to everyone tho, I really enjoyed listening! :)

Zoe Kwasnicki (Student 2021)
Zoe Kwasnicki

I really enjoyed your podcast! Even though I haven't read "There There", the context you provided by just talking about the characters really helped fill me in while also giving me a sense of what the book is about (while also making me want to read it). You guys also did a great job balancing speaking time, including research about the author etc. Overall - an awesome listen!