Hey Mom and Dad, I'm DONE

Hi mom. What’s up? You don’t usually call around this time.

Oh, you can’t make it? Ok.

No, it’s ok. I’m not surprised.

Love you too.

[hangs up]

You know, I would be more upset about this if I did not have Jane and Noah. Sometimes I wish Jane was my mother. She watched me grow up, hugged me when I was in need and gave me a shoulder to cry on. Unlike you mother. Do you not love me? Getting emotional, I just go up on the roof and look at the sky, which made me think of Noah. Every since we were young, that was our spot to go to where we could talk to each other about ANYTHING. I could talk to Jane too, but I felt more comfortable with Noah.

Father with you at the Behavioral Analysis Unit at the hospital, you are always on the go. While mom is away for conferences, it seems like I’m not that important to you anymore. When you are both home you are asleep, then the next day there is money and a note on the kitchen table always saying the same thing…...

“Morning Liv, sorry to have missed you this morning. However, we will see you this weekend. We left Jane with instructions for dinner over the next couple of days and anything you need just let her know.”  

I give you guys a call, but I should have known a voicemail would appear.

“Please record your message after the beep.” “BEEP!”

No, it’s ok. I’m not surprised.

Love you, see you soon--- not, I ended with laughter.

I used to get so excited on Tuesdays and Wednesdays because it was a chance for me to talk to my parents. You would ask about school, my poetry I enjoyed writing and soccer. You are not the most perfect parents but at least you used to keep up with my activities. Now I have to constantly remind you what’s going on because “you are too busy.” “Did you get the gifts we sent last week while we were away?” They ask. Or as I call them, the “I’m sorry gifts.

I wondered if my nanny and brother who already has a busy schedule including attending medical school can make an effort to support me, you guys can too.

June 13th, 2018, the day I would be graduating. A very important and exciting time for me. I knew for sure Noah and Jane would be there,  but I wasn’t sure if you both would even show up. Showing up in the last five minutes of the ceremony would even make me happy. In my mind there's this place called,  “What-If Land.” In this land I think of how life would be if Noah and Jane were my parents. Jane is my nanny, someone who is just employed to care for me. She does not have to spend time with me, but she chooses to. Not only does she keep up with me and my activities, but the house duties as well. She does the things you supposed to do. I am not only talking about me, what about Noah---our family. You call yourself a mother but are you? Think about it, do you bring unity and structure to our family; and dad where are YOU. All around the world saving other people and their children, but what about me! Noah has been more of a father figure than you ever had.

“Olivia, Olivia, your parents are on the phone ?” Jane yelled

Something had to be going on. It was not normal for you to call around this time. Hearing that you could not come see me graduate did not bother me as much as I thought it would. I mean I cried for about a second but after 18 years of the same excuses, I’ve grown used to the disappointments.

Any second now your going to say “ I’m sorry.” So how about this, I AM SORRY that you call yourself parents, I AM SORRY that I will never look up to you like I do Noah and Jane. And sincerely, I AM TRULY SORRY that Noah and I could never fit into your schedule. I know now that work is a priority and your family and children are minorities.

Who is my character speaking to?

Her parents

Why is it urgent they speak now:

If her parents do not engage in conversation now, they may potentially lose their daughter forever.