High School by Lala Doumbia

The beginning .

“Mom! Mom! I got my letter.”

Having the letter in my hand looking at it. I was so happy, and enhances. it few like I was waiting for this letter for years when it was only 7 months. Most people like to be the one to open their letter but I was scared. I didn’t know if I was going to get into to the high school that I wanted. My mother walked in the room looking confused.

“What letter are you talking about ?”

“My Letter is here, my high school acceptance letters. I’m scared to open it can you open it for me ?”

I felt like I was going to cry when I gave her the letter.

“Sure sweetie, are you ready?” with a smile on her face.

“I remember when I got me my high school acceptance letters. It was years ago.”

“Mom can you tell me the story later and open the letter”

I want to say mom I don’t care,  just open the letter you're taking to long.  

“Okay okay” she said .

She started to tear the side of the envelope, that how she open it. She don’t like to open it from the top. She says that opening it from the side is much easier. She started read the paper out loud.

“Dear Ms.Jean Here are your five schools you applied. If you don’t get into any of the schools you will not be allowed to go to high school. You will Have to go get your blue papers and start look like for a job that will take for. ”

I didn’t want to start working yet, I wanted to go to school to get more education before looking for a job. I started to remember when My mom told me about when her mother was a kid and everyone have to go school. And if you didn’t go to school you would get a good job. But this was in the year 2041, and it 2094 and a lot of things changed. My mom looked at me and read the schools name.

“Reddy Science High - accepted”

I like that school but it’s not my dream High school.

“Union High school - accepted”

This school with one the the biggest school I applied to. I’m scared it might be too big.

“Mac Smith Math High - accepted Dream High - accepted ”

These school was my safety school. I know I would be able to get in. I have a 38 GPA and the highest GPA is 45.

“And last but not less the High school I know you want to get into Central High School -- accepted.”

My mom gave me the letter . I wanted to start crying but I was to in shock to say anything. Today was a day that I will never forget. Central High school is one of the top school, I get to live at school and meet new people. This is the only school I really wanted to go to. Everything change, the stories I would hear about how My great grandma would Went to college and got her master and still couldn’t get a new job. To me that sounds sad, I didn’t understand how that could happen.

First day !

First day of Central high school the school was so big. We drove 20 miles from the city to the suburbs. There wasn’t a lot of noise outside. It was like no one was there walking on the sidewalk. Looking out the window Waiting to see the my dream school My mom started to talk to me.

“Sweetie I’m really going to miss you. It’s going to be different without you being there with me.”

Tears started to come down her face.

“I remember when you was a baby, changing your diapers, doing your hair and making sure you ate your vegetables”

“imma miss you to mom,” I said.

“Now I want you to work hard not get into any trouble at the school. You know they will kick you out if you do. ” she said wiping her tears.  

“I know mom I know mom.”

We go up to the front out the school. When there were hundreds of kids just like me waiting to start their first day. I got out the car went to the truck and got my bags and suitcases. My mom came over and help me out. I looked at the mansion-like building. Everyone was walking through the big front door. As me and my mom follow everyone else , there was a Man wearing all black suit. He had blue eye and blond spiky hair.

“Welcome to Central high school my name is Eric. I’m the Dean of the school. I will be making sure you kids who are young adult now, get the best education. If you can come follow me, I will be showing where your kids can sign in, get there rooms, and their food card.”

I was so happy, I know I was going to make new friends. Their was 5 line so the students can sign in. I hope this don’t take all day. 30 mins passed I get to the front of the line.

“Next! ” Said Mike, it was on his name tag.

“Hey” replied back nervously

“What your name?”

“My name is Carly Jean”

“Here’s your Room number 307 here is you key, you will be rooming with two others girls. If you lose your key come to the office and they will give you a new one, but please try not to lose it. Here your food card. You get breakfast, lunch, and dinner free. You will have 2500 points for other foods like snacks throughout the year.”

“Thank you”

Eric walked in the room with this big smile on his face. His smile make you feel like you going to drop to the floor how pretty his smile is.

“You might being having the dean as your new father.” My mom turns to look at me.

“ Ill mom, don’t say that ...” I look at her like she crazy. I can’t see my mother being with the dean of Central high school the school. He probably makes more money than my mother plus some of the parents. I can see him in his big house with lots of cars.

“It looks like everyone is almost done here. This is the time when the student and parents say their goodbyes. If the parents have any question you can come to me call the school or email me. I will answer any of your question. We will be seeing you in three months for visiting day.” Eric said .

“My baby is all grown up now. You can call me anytime to talk. If you need anything call. I love you Carly Jean.” saying While my mom hugged me so hard that I felt that I couldn’t breath. I tried to move my arm up so I can hug her back.

“Mom I can’t move.”

“Im sorry” I pick my arm to give her a real hug. After the hug my mother gave me a kiss on the forehead. She started to walk away from me. I remember I didn’t say I love you to her . “Mom I love you!” I yelled not caring who seen me.

“Okay student everyone grab a map of the school and go to Central Living building there are 10 floors in that building. Whatever is the first number to your room number you will be the floor your room is located. After finding your room you will have until 1:30 until we will meet at the ballroom.” Eric told us.

I was scared I didn’t know anyone in the school. I was hope the my roommate was going to be nice and fun to be around. I was so nervous that I was thinking of how I was going to say Hey to them . Hey my name is Carly Jean I'm your roommate. Or Wassup my name is Carly Jean. I also wanted to know if my roommate was going to me all freshman or mix of classes? Their was so many question in my mind. I follow everyone to central living building. There were elevator and stairs . I didn’t like the elevators because one day I got stuck in between the 3rd and 4th floor of my mothers jobs. She works as a Lawyer at so fancy building. After that day I never want to get on the elevator. So I took the stair as some people waited for that elevator to come back down.

When I got to the 3rd floor I started to look for my room. The hallway was long and narrow, It felt like I was walking for year looking for my room. I finally found my room 307. I used my key to open the door. I felt like I was a grown person. I didn’t have my mom here, and i didn’t know anyone. One I open the door I see a tall girl with long black hair. She was so pretty that i felt like the school was fill with beautiful people. Looking at the girl she made me feel like I wasn’t as pretty as I was People always told me that I was pretty but looking that her she made me feel avenger looking.

“Hey my name is Carly Jean.” I said not knowing if she was going to be nice or mean to me. I was hoping we like the same thing so we can get alone.

“Hey Carly nice to meet you! My name is Helen.” Said Helen with a big smile on her face. She even had straight teeth.

“Nice to meet you Helen.”

“So I picked my bed it’s this one” she point to the bed on the left of the room. There was three twin size bed in the room. Three working spaces with lamps and a flat screen t.v, they even have refrigerator. One bed was on the left side against the wall that the one Helen pick. One bed was in the back right next to the window I wanted that one. I wanted to look outside and see everywhere. I come see the fields and the mean building where we are going to be learning at.  The other bed was on the right side it was against the wall. We all had desks next to our beds. all the beds look alike and so do the desk.

“I think I’m going to pick the bed right to the window.” I said to Helen as I walk to the bed.

“Are you ready to take the test?” asked Helen as she unpack her things.

“Ugh I’m scared I want to do well on this test .” I replied

“You're going to be fine just don’t think about it too much.” she said smiling.

I started to unpack my things as I see a short girl with glasses on walk through the door. As she walk in,

“Hey everyone ! My name is Rita”

“Hey Rita my name is Helen”

“Hey Rita my name is Carly”

“We pick I bed already the only bed left is the right side one.” I said pointing to the bed.

“Hey you guy It’s almost 1:30. We have 15 mins, we should leave around leave in ten minutes.” Helen pointed out to us.

“Rita you ready for the test their about to give us” I asked

“I don’t know, I didn’t know what type of test it would be? I’m nervous”as she unpack her thing on to her bed.

“I know I’m not going to finish unpacking right now.” Helen said.

“Same here” rita and I said at the same time.

“Let stated going to the Ballroom before we end up being late.” Rita said

When we got to the ball room everyone was taking their seat. Helen, Rita and I sat right next to each other. Eric walked in the room and went to the stadium.

“Alright everybody take a seat we’re about to get started. So as many of you know you’re going to be taking a test. This test does not affect anything just let us know what you know already. Try your best and we will help you become smarter. Goal is to make sure that everyone has a IQ of 1800 or more.”  Eric said.

“That high number for the IQ test” Rita look worried saying it.

“The test will start after this speech. You will be ok, just try your best. Everyone will get a going to a class room. the teacher will come and count the people to go to the classroom. ” Eric said

A teacher came over to where I was sitting and started counting us off. The teacher walk us to the classroom . We all sat down, they gave us a the test and pencils.

“Here the test no talking. If you don’t know something you can skip it, It will have all the time you  need to finish the test. Good Luck! ” The teacher told us .

The test was a package, I felt like I wasn’t going to finish this all today. I started to look in the test to see what i know in the test. It really wasn’t that bad. I got a lot done in about 40 mins, but most of the people felt the classroom. There was some question I couldn’t answer so I got up and walk to the teacher gave her the pencils and test.

“Ok your done you can go get some lunch and class will start 2 days from now.” The teacher said quietly .

I turn to see if Rita and Helen was still taking the test, but only Helen was in the room. So I walk in the cafe, think to myself, if I did good on this test even if I there no good or bad grade for this I will still want to be very smart. I finally got to the cafe. I walked up to the lunch line to pick something to eat . They had everything that you can think about from pizza to hotdog. Everything you wanted was here. I got a hotdog and an apple juice. I started to look for somewhere to sit.

“Carly ! Carly over here, I have a seat for you ” Rita was yelling and waving her hand.

I walked over to her and took a seat.

“Hey how long you been here ?” I asked

“I got here 5 minutes ago. They have everything here, I ever have so much food and one place.” Rita

“I know right! Well we have two day to look around and see everything here.”

“Oh yes, I want to see everything. I hear they have a pool, I think we should go swimming.”

“That sound funny!” I said

Later that day I was walking around that until I got lost. These hallway all look the same after a while. But I seen Eric walking so I started to walk behind I didn’t want to yell. But he walk in this room. The room was filled with computer and scientists.

“They kids are so dumb . They would be able to get 1800 on the IQ test. Do you have what I need? ” Eric said looking mad.

“Yes , Sir . I’m done make the GS shot. This is will make sure they will get higher than 1800 on the IQ test.” a scientist said with a smile on his face.

“Good we will started tomorrow! These kids are not going to make my school look bad .” as he started to walk back to me. I started to look for somewhere to hide. I was behind the door. I was still lost and I didn’t want to ask Eric after finding out that he going to give us shot to make us smarter. I started to think the I wasn’t smart . But I didn’t know where I was at so I follow Eric until I got to the cafe again. I ran to my room, where Helen and Rita was there.

“Hey where you been ?” Helen asked

“I got lost and guess what I seen Eric and some scientists, and they made a shot called the GS shot. It’s how the students get smarter. I don’t like the idea of this. What if we die, or what if we get something for it . I don’t like the sound of this. Eric keep saying that we was not smart and we all need the shots.” I said.

“What that not right! “ Helen said.

“I think we should tell everyone what happening.” Rita said .

“Yes, but we need to show them the GS shot.” I replied .

“We will need to go to the lab and get the the shot” Helen said.

“We should go to the lab tonight and go get the GS shot I want everyone to know about it,” It started to make me mad that he call me dumb. I was one of the told people in my class. “ let go right now because I think he is not in there now” I said

“Your right let go” Rita said putting her shoes on.

We all went downstair to the stairs to the lab. I looked inside to see if there was anyone in there but there wasn't. We all slipped up to look for something call the GS shot.

“I found it” Rita yelled.

“Lets go” I said.

We ran up stair but in to our room, locked up our door.

“Tomorrow I going to call the police and tell the school.” Helen said.

“Yes let go to sleep.” Rita said.

In the morning we got when to go get something to eat people was talking about the meeting with Eric. After eating Eric starting his meeting in the cafe

“Goodmorning student, today I’m going to be talking to you about a shot the you're going to have to get. This shot will make sure you don’t get sick, ” said Eric

“You're lying!” said Rita.

“Yea you're lying!” said Helen.

“We know what's the shot is for to get us smarter you say that we was the dumbest student. And I have the shot with me.” I said  Showing everyone “It’s call the GS shot. He made scientists make it so we can get smarter. But we don’t know if it can hurt us or even kill us.” I said.

“How did you get that ?” said Eric.

The police walk over.

“Do you know Illegal for shot like this ? You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you?” said the police officer walking away with Eric.

“Yes we did it now we can learn without no chemicals in our body,” Rita said.

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Jules James (Student 2015)
Jules James

I honestly think your science fiction of the story was a little dull. I fell like with your topic you could have tried some other type of science like the one in Hunger Games. But overall it was believable because I think there are shots that is similar to that one. Your story succeeded the most in the interest level. I really don't like to read science fiction books but I thought your story was really nice. When I finished this story I am left thinking about what time period would this be written in?