High School Social Systems- Dillon and Naomi

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Michaela Prell (Student 2016)
Michaela Prell

The system of high school was addressed, really well. You guys had a really cool idea in asking people about their experience in high school, and how they experienced the systems in place there. I really loved how you guys connected it to life and the world outside of high school. I cant really say that this video pushed my thinking, but it was new to listen to adults reflect back on their experience in school.

Avery Monroe (Student 2016)
Avery Monroe

and Joie

1) The school system. The whole thing is based around what high school is like and they different social groups in it. 2) No this benchmark did not push our thinking because it is something that we are around all the time and therefore wasn't any different from what we hear and see all the time.