History Journal #33: Industrial Revolution routine vs. your morning routine.

-Woke up

-Pushed the snooze bar

-Dragged myself out of bed

-Hopped in the shower

-Put lotion on

-Got dressed

-Ate cereal

-Packed lunch

-Put product in hair

-Packed bag

-Got papers signed

-Drove into school with traffic


Industrial Revolution~ No cars! No rice krispies! No hair product!


These 2 routines are different because we have a lot more technology then they have back then. I was woken up with the alarm clock, probably had cleaner water in my shower, got in a car, watched some TV. If I lived back then, I probably wouldn’t have as much to do in the morning getting ready wise.

What’s different?

-location of bathroom

-would go to work not school

-lack of transportation

-no quick food

-no electricity