History Journal Entree

​Does the U.S/do WL have responsibilities toward Haiti? How? Why?

In my opinion, I think the U.S does have responsibilities towards Haiti. The U.S. have been braking promises to Haiti such as, not helping and giving back that Haiti should be able to live wealthy enough. The U.S should start giving back and re make those promises that they own to Haiti because the U.S didn't reach its goal to approach what is best for Haiti. The U.S should be able to give the money they need, freedom rights needs to be given and many other promises that Haiti was promised. Indeed that hard work it will be able to process of giving back to Haiti from the goals the U.S left behind. It would be hard to keep up with Haiti but at the same time we have our own problems in the U.S also. The U.S can not handle Haiti and its self problem at the same time. It's weather taking care our own country or handling a other country that is not even apart of our land from a different property. The U.S may have money to afford but we do have our own struggles.