History monologue




First monologue:


Its Monday morning as Michelle Obama is getting ready to say her speech to every one that disagrees with the pipeline situation, she’s nervous she is not sure if she knows how to react to angry people, almost one hundred and 50 people got arrested in front of the white house because they were trying to say there opinions, to reject the key stone pipeline, her husband is not there to say the speech, so she has to step up and take his part, she is trying to rephrase the words in the head, it was a hot day she’s sweating, she looks out the window she sees hundreds of people waiting for her, she needed a drink of water , she knew that when she gets out there she had to look strong , deep down she does not agree with the pipeline she know that it’s wrong she also know that it will harm a lot of people , but she closed her eyes and put her opinion to the side , she made sure she had a lot of security, she never knows what might happened , the security guard walked her down , as she stands in from of hundreds of people , she took a min to look around , she saw innocent faces looking up to her as she sais:

Good morning every body, I know that you are hear to fight for what you believe in, and I know no matter what we do we can not change your opinions , but am speaking for my husbands behalf , and if he was here he would of told every one that we know that the pipeline is dangerous , and we know that it harm a lot of people, but at the same time we have the think about the positive things that comes from it , the economy it getting worst people are suffering to get jobs to feed there family, and if the pipeline can get people a lot of jobs why should we take that away, and I hope that people can try to think about the positives as well, before getting angry at us , we want the best things for every one , and I know people want a clean environment , but we cant change that in one that , it takes time to reach a goal , so all I want to say is that people need to be patient .

She decided to give a couple of people the chance to ask questions:

Question one: we know that yours speaking for your husband but is that what you really think?

She wanted to say no but she said yes we are one person and we take the same decisions.

Question two: how long do we have to wait until we see a change?

Patience is key that all I have to say.

The more questions she was getting she started thinking did they even try to change anything during the 2 years, thoughts were going trough her mind as she exists.


Second monologue:

Its Saturday night as the Canadian guy is watching the news about the pipeline situation and how it is affecting Canada in a lot of ways, he is a single 39 years old guy, that likes to write , after he finished watching the news , he wanted to say how he felt to someone , and the only thing he could find is his computer to talk to, he sat down with a cup of coffee  in his hand , took a deep breath and started typing :

“ I usually don’t talk about things like this in my diary but it is really upsetting me in a lot of ways so I will talk about it, its bad enough that the world is not an equal place, and that some places are suffering more then others, but they say that they cant do nothing about it so we try to understand but when it comes to a point when you can stop something this bad in a heartbeat and people are still questioning if they should , then that’s careless , I feel like America only cares about jobs and what they can get from poor people, the pipe line is not only hurting America but its hurting my people too, I don’t understand why cant they find other way to make jobs available , without hurting other they don’t know that they may be hurting a single mother, a dad, a son , a daughter, or a sister , I feel like they need time to go trough what they’re doing . Because enough is enough.

He got really mad he couldn’t even finish his writing, so he said to him self with a strong look on his face that he will go to Washington to fight for what he believes in.


Third monologue:

Its Texas its an early rise as the a hard working father wakes up to do his farm work, he has five kids there all girls and in his back yard there is a pipeline, he did not think it was bad until he herd about the oil leak in china , he started getting worried about it a lot every time he wakes up he goes in his back yard and just keep looking at it , he wants Obama to stop it , maybe then he could get some sleep at night , he is worried that if the oil ever leaks what would he do , how would he survive , and all his hard work will be gone , every time he thinks about it he shakes , he has so much anger inside he just wants to say why does no one care about what were are going trough some people cant sleep  because of this pipeline, some people just want to leave everything they worked hard for just to go some place were they can be safe , but of course if he say that we get arrested , we should have freedom of speech and we should fight for what we believe in.