History Portfolio Assignment

One thing I learned about in history was the French revolution when Napoleon conquered nearly all of Europe, and how successful this made him even when his army was small in numbers. He was a small man whom ran a huge legacy along with france's own independents by starting a revolution while Napoleon was headed out for taking over lands, yet while that was happening, the people were storming the bastille. You can read more by clicking "HERE". "Hello, I am the phantom of Napoleon Bonaparte, here to tell you my opinions and thoughts during the French Revolution." But this was more than just someone in history, it was about how we independent people changed the way how we see france. Who knows what would it have be like if french was like in the 17th? It was also the year where women's made a stand and help shed blood in the bastille, and when they were successful, the mens taught them how to arm a musket and fire it. Since it was a revolution, anybody could be in it to help so they needed all the help they could get.

There was a poem called the nobodies where people were poorly judge and not allow to get jobs and were mostly unequally treated. You can read my poem that was about people having the opportunities and possibilities by clicking "HERE". It's a parody of The nobodies where it states that everybody wants something in their life, but not what they and the others really need. It's about how we try to find a way to escape poverty but not resolve the conflict that we still face, just like the neighborhoods we see today. As I said in my own version, "Da somebodies, one we see others as a wrong thing when we don’t know at all. Da somebodies, people that has hope on others than those whom has the power but abuses it. Da somebodies! My father was the bullet, you son of a gun... Da somebodies!"

This is the pipeline XL project where people were debating wether to use dirty tar which is more polluting and CO2. Canada has a lot of tar to lend to america for whatever reason and while the president was deciding to allow for the benefit or better for our country. Before the decision was even started, the pipes all the way from america to canada, and if the president decides not to allow this, the people who built the pipes will loose money. And if the people from the Pipeline XL project were to make this happen, they would had to have a really long and sturdy pipe if they want to avoid any hazardous area such clean fishing areas and rivers without any tar leaking or breeching of any sort otherwise many life from the water including our drinking water could be poisoned. Many people have stood near the white house to protest just so they could stop killing the planet, many of which were arrested. You can read my play based on this by clicking "HERE" and learning different stories I made based on the events if it were to happen. This world as I said "this world does not have a price tag on it, you can't just own it," and I am right. If you're willing to bet the lives and the well beings of animals and humans on needless desire. By clicking "HEY, OVER HERE!" It is a well thought out idea as I see the world if we can't fix any of our human mistakes we know about, and it sucks how we don't do anything about it and this is a prime example of a world issue we just ignore while others know what is right from wrong. It's wrong to forget about our human nature and let it bypass us ever since CO2 was discovered and seeing this as and on the news and allowing this to happen even if we, the viewers and bystanders can't do much as civilians, the people in charge are suppose to make this world a better place where freedom takes place, and not by arresting others whom really cares about the earth more than their lives just to see a better future.

I read a book called Things fall apart where there is a civilization based off of religion where white men colonizes Umoufia. But before all of that, the story tells that mens are the dominant and can beat their wife, give legacies, and command others and give stories about things that may or may not happen but based on folk tales. Okonkwo is the main character of the book who was married by 3 wives and has 30 kids. One day, the city gets 'corrupted' by another religion called 'the buttocks' who are the white Catholics that will soon take over the Umoufia culture and change their people into slaves. Then after reading the end [SPOILERS] where Okonkwo kills himself because of everything including the people's religion falls apart, therefore making the entire village taken over by the whites. By clicking "HERE" to read my 26th chapter based on the book on what would have happen. This book is also relevant to the event of native Indians where we wiped out their tribes and tricked them into doing our biddings. Here is a quote from my Quiz on Part 1 of Things fall apart. "A lazy drunk who was Okokwo’s dad before he died 10 years. He was also poor borrowed unpaid money."

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