Hocus Pocus literary lens episode

Lauren Nicolella, Dayanna Hughes, Taylor Green, Jayla Wright, and Chloe Hart


In today's episode, we discuss the book through multiple lenses. These lenses are the Marxist, feminist, and the new historicist lens. This portion of the book is reflective on Daniel, who is the second oldest of the siblings. We talk about how wealth, history and feminism affect his life and relationships in the book.

References to the book:
232- Raj being controlling over women
page 240- Raj and Daniel's conversation about career (feminist lens)
pg 205- Eddie brings up the Castello family. ( New historicist lens)
Pg 238- arguing with raj about Iraq conflict
pg 217- different economic status

Comments (3)

Emily Pugliese (Student 2019)
Emily Pugliese

The tone that you set through the podcast remained the same throughout the whole thing and I really like that it's clear that you guys know what you're talking about.

Miguel Rivera (Student 2019)
Miguel Rivera

I liked the tone of the podcast because it is calm and slow. I feel that they had clear voices and ideas. I really enjoy how you were talking with one another and not only focusing on your lenses. I like how the hand seems to move through the video. I felt that I was about to understand Daniel and Raj. I know that I don't Rudy based on your description.