¡Hola! ¿Como Estás?

¡Hola! Qué tal?
Hi! How are you?

In order to know how to greet someone and ask how the are, you need to know:
-How to say Hello/Goodbye.
-How to say good morning, afternoon and goodnight.
-The three ways to ask how someone is doing.
-How to respond to someones greetings.
There are several ways to ask someone how they are. When you are talking to someone you respect, you add Ud, short for usted, at the end. When your with your friends, you don't have to.

Qué tal?

 ¿Cómo Estás?

¿Cómo Esta Ud? 

¿Cómo va?

         -How are you? 
When someone asks you how you are, you need to be able to respond to them. Theres many different ways you can respond but some simple ones include:

Muy Bien -Very Well
Más o menos - Okay/Alright
Mal - Bad

After your response, you should always ask them the same. 

A simlpe way is Y tu? Meaning: And you?

When you are talking to someone with respect, you say Y Ud? Also meaning: And You?

As you leave the conversation, you should say several different things. 

Its nice to tell the person it was nice to meet them by saying: 
-Mucho gusto
-Encantado- Male
-Encantada- Female

As a response, you would tell them likewise:

Or: The pleasure is mine:
-El gusto es mìo
There are also several different ways to say goodbye to someone.

Despedidas (Farewells):

-¡Adìos! / ¡Chao! - Bye!
-¡Hasta luego! - See ya later!
-¡Hasta pronto! - See ya soon! 
-¡Hasta mañana! - See ya tomorrow!
-¡Qué le vaya bien! - Have a good one! 
Here is an introduction to a video of T.Jay & Profesora Gabrielle pretending to meet each other for the first time.

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