Home Network-Charna Kirkland

1. In my LAN, there are plenty of devices. It is connected to many, many devices in my home, such as my family computer, my family laptop, my school laptop, all of our tv’s, my printer, and everyone’s phone (there are 4).

2. I learned a lot about my home network while doing this project. I learned that my internet at home is surprisingly faster than most people's internet in my stream and around the world. I also learned that I have a combination modem/router, which is also not very common with people in my class. In general, my house is fairly technologically advanced. This was an OMG moment because I realized that I am blessed to have the life that I have, and I learned that I shouldn't take it for granted.

3. ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. Most of the time, your internet service provider is also your cable provider, but not always. For example, my internet service provider is Verizon Fios, but my cable provider is Directv. An easy way to see who your ISP is to look at your modem. This can be anywhere in your house, so you have to find it and it should be right on the top/side.