Home Network, Chen

     The devices that are connected to my internet connection is my iPod touch, Samsung tablet, 7 laptop including mine, and 6 iPhone. I learned that you need a modern and router to access the internet. Without them, we wouldn't be in the internet right now. I also learned that you need a coaxial cable to sent the information through the modern and router. Using a coaxial cable give you higher frequency signal and stop other things from interfering with the external source. For the OMG moment i learned that you shouldn't post things to your friend because you don't know what they will do with it. They can upload it online without your permission and share it to others.They can embarrassed you without even knowing. I find it interesting that when you share something or post something online anyone can basically read it. To tell other people how to use a internet service provider/home network i would say that you need a internet service provider because that will be your company to get internet and you will also need a modern/router unless you got wireless. You will also need a coaxial cable to access the internet and stop thing from interfering with the cable. You can connect devices to the home network or WiFi by simply clicking to turn on the WiFi and joining your own network. After you access the WiFi you can now get on anything and search anything you want . 
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