Home Network~ Chuon

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My L.A.N is connected to my Modem/Router in my room. It is connected to my desktop, my brother's desktop, and my mother's desktop. At this moment my internet is down because the all-in-one router and modem wifi's was horrible so when i do something while someone is watching youtube it takes a while to load. When i learned about Network or the INTERNET.
I abused it. By secretly going on my Eldest brother's desktop to play games and got in trouble until i got my own desktop. It brok because it was over 20 years old. I now have a Vista that is now a Windows 7. In my opinion and everyone i that i know of that has knowledge about computers, "VISTA MEANS DEATH". We all find it true and hilarious. But never in my life i had a OMG moment in learning new things on the internet because i learned the internet at a very young age ( 4 years old). But i was never the spoiled brat type, i always used what i have to it's fullest. Sometimes i might want to be spoiled but then later on i don't want to be spoiled. 

The only Advice i'd give to people who are new to ISP/Home networking, is never pirate stuff without knowing what to do. Or do unnecessary without knowing what to do or without asking others for help that know a lot of techy stuff.