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My Home Network starts off with my ISP (internet service provider), which is Comcast.The internet comes in through my home from our Dining Hall from an Ethernet cable. This goes straight to my modem and router, which is separate. The two are then connected by another Ethernet cable and ultimately end by connecting to my desktop. The WiFi that is emitted then spreads through the house to connect all of the smartphones, laptops, tablets, and Smart TV's to the internet.
I did end up having an "OMG" moment when I realized that there were so many wires in my life. All those wires have a purpose for keeping the internet up and running in my house.
Advice for others. Libraries still exist. Of course the internet, in my opinion, will make all the libraries go out of business, so lets try NOT to make that happen. It is your choice. Knock yourself. But I guess if you want your parents to pay 765$ for internet every year, then go right ahead.

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Caleb McCreary (Student 2021)
Caleb McCreary

I notice there is are strong opinions in the caption. I wonder why this person does not have Fios, which is better than Xfinity. What if this was made more clearly (in terms of the graph).