Home Network, Hilton

1. Our internet is provided by Verizon and comes through a fiber optic cable placed in our basement, this then goes to the combined modem and router on the third floor. This is then sends a wireless connection to our two Roku televisions, our Vonage phones, our three laptops, one desktop, and our wireless printer. 

2. I had several realizations over the course of learning about my home network, I had always looked at it as this complicated, and almost, magical process. Now that I almost fully understand the steps involved I feel a refreshed sense of preparedness for the upcoming years in technological advancement. 

3. I think it would be best to inform people about the complete process. How it comes from the internet service provider, through your house, and through a wireless connection that enters into your array of devices. To allow people access to this common knowledge will lead to less stupidity and mistakes when going through choosing an ISP.

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