Home Network, Riddick

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My network company and internet service provider is Comcast. My internet is wireless and I have a modem. The modem is connected to my house and through my wall to the cable boxes in my house. I plug up the modem and then my wifi is connected. It shows up as Home-5D42 and needs a password or network key to access the internet. All my gadgets are setup to my internet service. I have my laptop, Imac, Ipad, phones, game systems and more. While going through this process, I learned how the wires from the modem go through the wall and into the back of my cable box. It's was interesting how they did it. If I had something to tell another is the significance of network provider or company. Make sure you pick a good company that will run your internet. With good speed and the ability to even work when it is connected to different sources.