Home Network, Roriguez

I have a total of 8 devices connected to my Internet Service Provider. Those devices are my family's 3 Iphones, my 2 house phones, our Ipad, our deskot, and our wireless printer. We use the internet on our phones whenever we need to look up anything on the internet or whenever we check our social media accounts. Next, we us our 2 house phones whenever we need to be reached and do not want to give out our cell phone numbers. Last, we use the wireless printer whenever we need to print out anything, such as an assignment for school, or a copy of an important document.

Throughout this entire process, I have learned many things that i didn't know went into me being able to have internet. I never though much of it until we began learning about it in Tech class. If i needed to inform someone else about my findings, i would tell them to basically look deeper. Everything looks simple, but if you look beyond the cover, there is an entire world of confusion out there.