Home Network, Stephens

​My internet service provider is Comcast and the internet enters my house through the second floor closet and is a coax cable. My router is located in the same place and I have two routers. One router uses wifi and connects to my family's smart phones, Apple products, laptops, my tv system(Roku box), and more devices like that. My other router works my blu-ray and tv system not including the Roku service, gaming systems such as the Xbox. 
Through this process of learning about my internet and electronics, although I don't understand much of the way it functions, I did learn what connects to what and how dependent my internet is on other components. I was not surprised by my internet, but more intrigued on how it all works and what each thing does and how it effects the system as a whole. Other people should know which parts of their home internet do which tasks like I learned because it makes the whole system more understandable and can in turn make the system run more smoothly by being informed.

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