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 1. The devices connected to my home network are 5 phones, each belonging to one of my immediate family members. My brother Mawuko, my sister Afi, my dad, my mom, and me. Then there are laptops belonging to my brother, my sister, and I. Those are the wirelessly connected devices. Connected through a cable is my desktop computer. Without the desktop, my wifi won't work and vice-versa.

  2. Overall, I learned that the plan I'm on is terrible and I'll definitely be speaking to my father about this. I learned the different components that make up a plan and how people trick you into getting horrible deals

  3. I encourage people to learn and find out what's going on with their network. It'll never hurt to know, even if you can't change anything. 

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Antonia Solar (Student 2021)
Antonia Solar

I notice that a lot of people have things connected to your network. I wonder what the plan you're on is. What if you switched to a different plan? How much money would you save?