Home Network - Peter Keo

1. My LAN is comprised of a coaxial cable connected to a  modem and router combo with my ISP being Verizon Fios. Most of the devices I use are wireless with the only hard-wired devices being my desktop and the Canon Fax and Copy Machine. Some of the wireless technology used in my home is a PS4, a printer, and various phones.
2. I learned a lot while taking on this unit. The thing that was most interesting to me was how fiber optic works and how it is performed; with the light bouncing off at a very fast speed is really astonishing. 
3. When having a home network, and you own either a desktop or a printer, it's important to hard wire them through an ethernet cable to take advantage of the gigabit per second it travels through. Also, opt for a router instead of a switch as routers are much faster. 

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