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1.) My L.A.N network consist of 3 phones, 2 computers, a printer, and an Xbox. They are all connected to a modem router combination which runs through an ONT (optical network terminal). Then out of the ONT runs the phone line and fiber optics cable through the window and then to wherever they go next.

2.) I had one big take away from this and that was how complex networks are. That's not only counting the networks themselves but also all the extra thing that ISPs tack on. The way it all comes down to money is not surprising but still a little bit unexpected at the same time. 

3.) The only thing that anyone looking at internet service providers should know is to make sure you know all the little details in the plan you're buying. Don't let yourself get robbed of your money.

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Carol Lopez (Student 2021)
Carol Lopez

I noticed you answer the questions thoroughly. I wonder how long it took you to finish this assignment because it's done really well. I like how easy to follow your assignment was.