Home Network Drawing

For this project I think I learned a lot and enjoyed doing it. Lucid chart was new to me and seemed difficult at first, but once I kept trying different things I got the hang of it. I think it was a good idea to first draw what we thought the internet looked like and, then connect it to our home network. By first doing those two things and learning the acceptable use policy I believe it led up to this project. While doing this project I learned about the ether net and that it's the wire that connects to my modem and printer. I found it very interesting to find all the devices connecting to each other in my home and actually understand it. Somethings I included in my drawing were four laptops, four phones, Ipad mini, X-box, etc. I really enjoyed doing this project and learning from it. I would have never thought to explore on Lucid chart and I'm glad Ms. Hull introduced it to me. 
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