Home Networking

I learned about networking and how to be safe with the Internet. I also learned about the acceptable use policy for the school district and S.L.A. I now understand how my Home Network runs through all of the devices in my home. I also learned about cyberspace and the process that information goes through when you send someone an email. It gets packaged, then codes itself and goes through a whole process of security checks. These security checks are a bit like the ones we go through at an airport. When a file is not allowed to go through it gets destroyed. There are many firewalls that information has to pass through. For this project I had to create a Lucid Chart of my Home Networking system. I showed where each device was in my house and how they were connected. All of the devices are connected to a wireless modem. My server is Comcast so I have an Coax cable. This is a chart that I made, it demonstrates all of the devices in my home and how they are connected. I made this chart because it helped me understand how my network works. In this chart you can see that for each room devices are listed and the arrows show that they are all connected to a netgear Modem which lets the devices run on a wireless network. 
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