Honey Bees

  • Science
To explain the science of my topic to the public I would collect many different essential daily products that many people use and explain how honey bees contribute resources to make the product and what will happen if honey bees disappear. I will then give a short introduction about the anatomy of honey bees and how we collect the resources we use from honey bees, this will allow the audience to think differently when they go to their local pharmacy or store to buy products that use resources from honey bees. I am positive my resources are reliable, I made sure to only use sources with ".org" and resources from credible organizations. I am able to confirm that my sources are credible through online educational videos and reviews. 

  • Society
This issue impacts society because if honey bees disappear a large number of products that we use will become extremely expensive or will possibly become impossible to produce. Honey bees are responsible for one-third of our global food production, there are already third world countries that have multiple problems feeding their citizens. Countries like the United States and other developed countries will experience a food crisis that will most likely last for many generations. Lastly the economic value of pollinators is worth $235 to $577 billion dollars globally, if honey bees disappear a large amount of this money will be disappear and funds for education, medical supplies, etc. will become unavailable and result in a global crisis.
  • Self
This issue effects me because I am constantly thinking about the products I use and where they come from, if we lose resources because honey bees are experiencing some kind of a crisis it can effect generations to come and possibly effect the environment in a negative way. I am very grateful that I have all of these resources provided by honey bees that most people find difficult to obtain, I will never stop spreading the word about honey bees and will continue to provide information for those who are unaware of where most of the products they use come from. 

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https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/18cOK2J0LoIzs3_Gb A1KVPQog6nweaRLfnyrLE7ilRPo/edit#slide=id.g124eb963b9_0_194