Hospital and Nursing Abuse #3

On blog 1 I discovered what I wanted to do my research on. On blog 2 I found numerous amounts of information on types of cases and stories that have gone unreported. I found it interesting to learn that the lives of most of these elders and patients have been put directly in the hands of their abusers.  Most of this information breaks many hearts but yet many people are also unaware that these attacks and abuse are happening.

After doing weeks of research, I have found and discovered that abuse does not have an age limit. No matter what age you are you can be abused. But I refuse to let this continue. Though I am only a freshmen in high school, I believe that just as anyone can get abused, anybody can make a change. I plan to encourage people on June 15th 2012 to go out and contribute to the day of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day also known as WEAAD. This is a day to try and raise awareness for the elders around the world being abused. I want to send the message to all to go out into their community and visit nursing homes and hospitals to stress this issue that needs to be put to an end.

Some of the acknowledgements I would like to give is to those who have come together to give each one of these elders another chance at life and for those trying to raise and stress this issue through out the world. 

I have made a movie to specify my plan of change and info that I have found over the course of these weeks.

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